Serving trolleys

Fascination by a unique material

Serving trolleys, given the name Music Poetry in the Kitchen, have been designed for your comfort. Their intention is not only to transport food but much more. Namely, food preparation and serving is art, just like music. It is also art to be able to create something with aesthetic value. As the saying goes, you eat with your eyes first, then with your mouth.

Our trolleys will enable you to combine their basic utility with your inspiration at work. You will be able to use them for preparing and sorting out food for serving as well as taking it to your guests. Some trolleys also make cooking possible with a built-in electric cooker into the wooden or metal working top.

The trolleys are made from beech wood and are easy to clean. Since they are mobile they can be used anywhere inside your home or outside on a terrace. Their tough construction ensures their longevity whilst the soft exterior gives the feeling of warmth and familiarity and matches nicely with every home. They function like a real small kitchen. Our state-of-the-art products will undoubtedly meet your expectations. And last but not least, your guests will be astonished by the fabulous atmosphere created by our serving trolleys.

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